For as long as I can remember, I have always been in love with the beauty industry. I began working professionally in the industry back in 2012. I gave up working on my psychology degree and worked non stop and hard as an artist! As I went through all the phases including working with forever 21 models, Stilla cosmetics, Kelly Zhang, Fashion shoots and movie sets. I realized I love beauty makeup and that I love bringing out the natural beauty in others. What does this have to do with brows?  Well, the more I focused on beauty makeup the more I realized how much eyebrows matter. You can do perfect eye makeup but when brows don’t match, it cannot reach its full potential. What I noticed most during makeup sessions, was how many women were embarrassed of their bare brows. All those years of over plucking and fads that took a toll on their brows. Seeing them smile after a eyebrow makeover was an amazing feeling. You have only so much time to work on brows in the makeup industry without wasting too much set time or your clients time, so how perfect can us artists really make it with 5 minutes? I wanted more and wanted perfection. Then after learning about Microblading and Ombre Powder brows and attending several schools, I dedicated my time to perfect the art. And with that INKED BEAUTY was born.